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About Us

The staff at The Fellowship House welcomes you to The Fellowship House Prevention and Treatment Center Rehabilitation program! The Fellowship House Treatment Programs are structured to provide you with basic tools to begin your recovery from alcohol, and or drug addiction. You will have an opportunity to learn about your illness, explore your thoughts and feelings, and set personal goals. 

Persons admitted to the agency are provided with the treatment opportunity to enhance one's mental, physical, social, and spiritual well being. Your needs are evaluated and the following services may be provided: Individual counseling; family counseling (when indicated); didactic sessions; recreational and leisure activities; adequate rest and proper nutrition; medical consultation and referral, when appropriate; aftercare planning; and referral for continuing treatment.

We believe that family, employers, and significant others involved in your life play a major role in the recovery process. Therefore, their involvement in the overall treatment and aftercare plan is encouraged.

We believe that Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.), and Narcotics Anonymous (N.A.) are voluntary self-help organizations that are helpful to persons striving to maintain recovery. You will be introduced to the treatment process of A.A., G.A., and N.A. 

When you are scheduled for a clinical assessment interview, the assessment will take 3-4 hours, so make sure your transportation person can stay the 3-4 hours. This assessment is to determine the severity of the problem and the intensity of treatment needed.

You need to:

1–Bring all prescribed medication you are taking when you come for your appointment.  For inpatient/residential only: You must bring a 30 day supply with you and a written statement from your physician specifically stating the medication dosage and when the medication is to be taken. 

2–Bring all DUI Evaluations that you have had done other than at The Fellowship House. 

3–Bring documentation regarding the T.B. (Tuberculin) test if you have it.  If you have had a positive T.B. skin test in the past, bring documentation regarding what was done. 

4–Bring income verification. You must bring, at least, one of the following: a recent paycheck stub; 1040; W-2; unemployment verification; or Medicaid card.  Bring insurance card if you have any kind of health insurance.  The verification is required to determine if you are eligible to receive funding assistance.  This is a requirement of the State of Illinois. If you are unable to obtain documentation to verify your income or if your reported income does not qualify you for funding assistance, you must pay cash for assessment and treatment prior to the services. 

5–Bring state issued photo identification (i.e., driver’s license, FOID card, or Secretary of State I.D.)  This is required by the State.     

6–Bring your personal hygiene/toiletries.  The following items are allowed but NOT in Aerosel form (i.e., deodorant, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, fabric softener, powdered beach, razor, aftershave, baby powder, shampoo, tampons, make-up, etc.).

7–Bring phone cards if you want to use the patient phone.  However, telephone usage is discouraged and available for limited time.  NO CELL PHONES!   

8–Bring some cash if you want to use the vending machines.  You can purchase soda and snack items from the vending machines to eat in designated areas.  You and your family/friends cannot bring your own food/drinks. The agency does not have room to store these items and snacks are not provided. 

9–Inform your FAMILY/FRIENDS who are supportive and encouraging your recovery that you can receive mail at 800 North Main Street, Anna, IL 62906.  You can purchase stamps to send letters as well. 

10–Inform your supportive and encouraging family/friends that their visitation is dependent  upon their participation in the family programs, your length of time in treatment, and type of program you are admitted into.  More information will be provided by your Case Manager. 

11–Understand that the following may result in your immediate DISCHARGE: Physical or verbal abuse of staff or other patients; bringing alcohol, other drugs, weapons of any kind, leaving the grounds without permission, smoking inside the facility, or breaking a contract. 

12–Understand that you cannot bring in radios, televisions, tape players, tapes, DVD’s, cell phones, computers, magazines, newspapers, and any other personal items like that.  The agency does not cash personal checks for patients while in treatment.  Money orders only will be cashed by the agency. 

13–Understand that your participation in treatment is confidential and information about you will be provided only when you give us permission to do so in writing.  You must keep other patients’ identity confidential as well.




Effective Date: April 14, 2003

We respect patient confidentiality and only release medical information about you in accordance with the Illinois and federal law. This notice describes our policies related to the use of the records of your care generated by this agency.

Privacy Contact. If you have any questions about this policy or your rights, contact your case manager or the Quality Improvement/Utilization Review/Program Evaluation Manager (Privacy Officer) at (618)833-4456.


In order to effectively provide you care, there are times when we will need to share your medical information with others beyond our agency. This includes:

Treatment. We may use or disclose medical information about you to provide, coordinate, or manage your care or any related services, including sharing information with others outside our agency that we are consulting with or referring you to.

Payment. Information will be used to obtain payment for the treatment and services provided. This will include contacting your health insurance company for prior approval of planned treatment or for billing purposes.

Healthcare Operations. We may use information about you to coordinate our business activities. This may include setting up your appointments, reviewing your care, training staff.

Information Disclosed Without Your Consent. Under Illinois and federal law, information about you may be disclosed without your consent in the following circumstances:

Emergencies. Sufficient information may be shared to address the immediate emergency you are facing.

Follow Up Appointments/Care. We may be contacting you to remind you of future appointments or information about treatment alternatives or other health-related benefits and services that may be of interest to you.

As Required by Law. This would include situations where we have a subpoena, court order, or are mandated to provide public health information, such as communicable diseases or suspected abuse and neglect such as child abuse, elder abuse, or institutional abuse.

Coroners, Funeral Directors, and Organ Donation. We may disclose medical information to a coroner or medical examiner and funeral directors for the purposes of carrying out their duties. When organs are donated sufficient information is provided to the program as necessary to facilitate the organ or tissue donation.

Governmental Requirements. We may disclose information to a health oversight agency for activities authorized by law, such as audits, investigations inspections and licensure. There also might be a need to share information with the Food and Drug Administration related to adverse events or product defects. We are also required to share information if requested with the Department of Health and Human Services to determine our compliance with federal laws related to health care.

Criminal Activity or Danger to Others. If a crime is committed on our premises or against our personnel we may share information with law enforcement when we believe an immediate danger may occur to someone.

Changes in Policy. The Fellowship House reserves the right to change its privacy practices based on the needs of The Fellowship House and changes in state and federal law.

If you have further questions feel free to call.

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Licensed by the Illinois Department of Human Services' Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, and certified by Medicaid.

Funding provided in whole or in part by the Illinois Department of Human Services' Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse and the Federal Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant Fund.